Declaring Someone Incompetent In Tennessee

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    The commissioner may, after notice and hearing, promulgate rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of this part.

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    If the court agrees that the petition would make an appropriate guardian and that the senior is genuinely incapacitated, guardianship is granted.

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    Analyze each case individually and contact the court if you need more information to determine the need for a representative payee.

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    An employer may, but is not required to, test job applicants, after a conditional offer of employment, for alcohol.

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    POA is a legal document in which one adult gives another authority to act on her behalf in certain areas or circumstances.

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    The adult child should not sign a durable power of attorney if he or she is unable to understand what a power of attorney is.

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    To transfer a conservatorship to a different state, the conservator must petition the court for a transfer.