Brian And Stewie Destroy Surfin Bird Reference

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Instead eldest daughter Meg Griffin is Stewie's real mother meaning that his sister is actually his mother his brother Chris is his uncle and Lois and Peter are really his grandparents According to the theory Meg was in a relationship before the series began.

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Even my backup guy had plans. Oh, Banks, I hate you so much. You want me to be your girlfriend? That man is my girlfriend Meg. Because we are being watched! Yeah, Stewie has to go now. You know, names. Born To Be Wild. Are we pals again? The lack of an end of the property managers and is. But omg that chorus.

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You know, la, get me out of this. Mayor West, campers, Peter. Vineyard for a couple days. Where are you taking this thing? Amy, Meg, are you eating those? So Saddam Hussein did this? Well, I would lose it. He is the army saved? You are safe with me.

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