Debt Collection Dispute Letter Template

20 Insightful Quotes About Debt Collection Dispute Letter Template

The name and address of the creditor to whom the alleged debt is currently owed. Once the collector receives your letter, it may not contact you again, except to say there will be no further contact or to notify you that the agency or the creditor intends to take certain specific actions. Student Loan Hero, Inc.

They also cannot make repeated calls over a short period to annoy or harass you. The JDB is very careful about what they request. The debt collector communicates with you or your spouse more than three times in one week. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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    And working out a deal with a debt collector is incredibly similar to working out a deal with a used car salesperson.

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    Debt collectors are notorious for trying to get their money by any means necessary, and that could include deception.

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    The purpose of this article is not to discourage the use of a debt validation letter if you believe you do not owe a debt.